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Kind words from our customers!


I’ve been using that lavender moisturizer everyday and I can see a big difference in my skin. I’ve had a lot less breakouts!


Thank you Shelby for the amazing Frankincense Oil. It works wonders for this type of weather!


Living in the Southwest Desert my skin gets terribly dry & it has been a battle finding anything that keeps my skin well hydrated throughout the day in this heat. I was gifted by a loved one some of Lund Valley Farm’s products & I will say since last fall I have not purchased any other lotions or soaps! I am so in love with the Jasmine Body Oil the serum leaves my skin so soft & moisturized. All of her items smell amazing and have all REAL natural ingredients and actually last all day. I can’t thank Shelby & Lund Valley Farm enough for their amazing soaps, lotions & serums! My hands thank you 👍🐐 .”


I just wanted to tell you my mom shared some of your goat soap with my husband and I and we are obsessed! WOW, I have never used goat soap before but I don’t think I’ll use anything else after this haha, it leaves my skin feeling so moisturized and nice!


I first tried your goat soap last year when we rented your mom’s house during the rally. It is beautifully fragranced, long-lasting, and does a great job of keeping my skin moisturized in the harsh climate of southern Arizona.


FYI- I had given my mom some of your soap. When my niece was staying with her recently her hands were so chapped from all the hand washing. My mom said your soap was the only one that wasn’t continuing to dry out my nieces hands.


Cindy Delahoyde

I have just tried her fantastic goat milk lotion and soap and really love it!! I love her and love supporting her small business!! Lund Valley Farm!! Give her a call and try her products!!

Sarah Eklund

Love ALL the products Shelby makes! The chapstick, soap and lotion bars are my faves. They smell heavenly and look pretty too!! If you haven’t tried anything, I encourage you to. You won’t be disappointed!!

Keri Miller

I love the quality of your soaps and lotions. My hands haven’t been this soft in the winter for a long time. Your chapstick hasn’t prevented chapped lips with a stuffy nose.