Lund Valley Farm

The best body care is homemade natural products.

From milking our happy goats to then making our goat soap that will enlighten your senses. Our lotion bars and lip balms are made with the best of ingredients that are all natural. You will love the all natural process of our products. 

I love the quality of your soaps and lotions. My hands haven’t been this soft in the winter for a long time. Your chapstick has prevented chapped lips with a stuffy nose.

Keri Miller

Books by Shelby Lund

Goats In A Tote

This wonderful book is about goats being born on a small ranch, and being carried around in a ‘tote’! Truly a delightful story, with colorful illustrations to match. Book written by Shelby Lund.

Paperback: 30 pages
Publisher: Painted Gate Publishing (December 23, 2019)

Cute story about baby goats

Grandchildren loved it and learned a bout baby goats 😍 - Sandy D

A delightful story

A great story about true events. Children love this book!


This is a great book for kids that are starting to read. It’s a fun little real story. Our kids loved it!

A must for kids!

Absolutely wonderful children’s book. Written from the heart with ❤️ for both the goats as well as the kids! - Lynn

Wonderful story

This book is wonderfully delightful! My 4 year old Granddaughter actually got to hold these babies when they were just days old! Can’t wait for The next adventure! - Kim Holyoak

Goats In A Tote – Go To The Fair

Goats in a tote go to the fair is a fun children’s book about 4 little goats that go to the fair.   They get to meet new animals and play with boys and girls. A book your child will have fun reading, with a good lesson about listening and doing what your told. 

Paperback: 30 pages
Publisher: Painted Gate Publishing

Love ALL the products Shelby makes! The chapstick, soap and lotion bars are my faves. They smell heavenly and look pretty too!! If you haven’t tried anything, I encourage you to. You won’t be disappointed!!

Sarah Eklund

Lund Valley Farm Family

I have just tried her fantastic goat milk lotion and soap and really love it!! I love her and love supporting her small business!! Lund Valley Farm!! Give her a call and try her products!!

Cindy Delahoyde